Small Letters

Letters. They’re a bunch of lines, connected together to form something, and this something becomes a letter now. There are, of course, 26 different letters, and we call them alphabet. When letters are formed, they result to words. Then words into sentences. Sentences into paragraphs. Paragraphs into stories. And stories into books.

The theory of evolution of small things into big things. An interesting idea.

As it may seem, I am an immature book reviewer, however, i try to put my thoughts in words despite my inconsistency in writing matters. I am fond of reading, though I don’t know the reason behind me inability to write attractively. So criticize those reviews as you may, I wouldn’t mind. Cuz after all, I’m just one of those people who would like to share their thoughts in words.

Here, I have listed below the books that I have read. Feel free to go over them. It’s okay, I don’t press charges *wink*

The Heir (latest)

The Queen

Anatomy of a Misfit

✔ Alice in Wonderland

✔ The Guard

✔ The One

✔ Spellcaster

✔ The Elite

✔ The Prince

✔ Steadfast

✔ The Selection


Paper Towns

A Thousand Splendid Sun

✔ The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


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