• I read almost any books but the following are my major favourites:
    •  YA
    • Literary Fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Sci-Fi (except books about space travelling. Other than that, I’ve developed an interest in this genre)
  • I tend to avoid the following genre:
    • religion (as there may be biases involved)
    • erotica
    • horror
  • While I prefer print formats* (paperback or hardbound), I also accept e-copies, preferably in mobi format, as this will be easier for me to connect with Kindle (but pdf and epub works too). However, I don’t accept Audiobooks.
  • I review books honestly based on my personal opinions on how I enjoyed and felt while reading it. If it’s something I dislike, I will be providing a review constructively.
  • Books to be reviewed will take 3-5 weeks time for the review to be available, as I also have other things scheduled.
  • Reviews will be made visible in my blog and in Goodreads. Other platforms for sharing include: Instagram, Twitter.


You can reach me through my email:


*please take note that I come from the Philippines and shipping fees may be costly.