We all know that Cinderella lived happily ever after with her charming prince, right?

But what if dear prince charming was never charmed by gorgeous Cinderella? What if he only chose to dance with her at random by chanting the eeny meeny children’s rhyme? Besides, what if Cinderella doesn’t even want to dance? Well, let’s rephrase the story into this…

As the prince approached Cinderella, a warm smile curled on his lips as he spoke, “May I have the honor to dance with a beautiful lady like you on this splendid night?”

The girl, surprised as everyone else was in the palace’s ballroom, took a half-step backward… And declined.

Gasps were heard everywhere! Seriously, who would be stupid enough to decline a prince’s request?! Isn’t this a bit… outrageous? But she did. The so-called-Cinderella did. And the poor prince was left speechless with embarrassment written all over his face.

Aah, it was a fine night to runaway from this mess. So it was then, the prince no longer knew what else to do but to get out of that place, and to never come back. To get away from the dilemma. From the girl who made fun of him. And from everyone else. The end…

Or so he thought.


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