Chapter 1

“Ugh! That girl! That… blubber fish! Why won’t she just say, ‘yes, you may’ instead of declining?! If it weren’t for her, I won’t be out here loitering around this… marshy forest! I am never going back to the palace now that my image is full of embarrassment!”

A few meters away, I saw a tiny house. It glistens as the moon shines through its glass windows. Hmm.. seems like there’s not a sign that it is inhibited. It looks as if it is abandoned a long time ago. It’s nothing compared to the palace but i guess this place will do. After all, I don’t have a choice. This is my only option. I may be a prince, but i’m not that choosy.

I walked a few more meters to reach this tiny shelter that i have found in the middle of nowhere. I knocked two times, realizing that I have the habit of knocking before entering a room. I admit, I feel stupid for knocking when no one lives in it. It can’t be helped.

I twisted the doorknob, surprised that it won’t budge.

“Why is this thing locked?”

I didn’t bother opening the door since it seemed useless to break it. Although the place looks abandoned, the door still looked as if it is new. Seems peculiar. But I didn’t bother. The night is getting colder by the minute, and I need a place to stay.

I searched for another entrance, and I was glad to see that the one of the windows of the house were open. To climb a window is not a prince-like act, but no one would see me anyways, so why should I care? It’s just me and the moon.

As I entered, I landed on a soft surface. I presumed it must have been the sofa or some sort. Well, I am too exhausted to think so with the comfort of this furniture, I laid myself in it and instantly fell asleep


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