Review: The Night Circus

The Night Circus
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Enchanting. Exquisite. A fairy tale in a circus, one of the best books I’ve read.

I’m in awe that it broke me in a repairing way. The wind blows but the roots kept a tight hold of me. It was entirely magical, an adventure to pursue.

Witty and creative, The Night Circus revolves in the story of two innocent players, Celia and Marco, clearly unaware of the type of game they were playing, enlightened only by bits and pieces of their supposed roles on a challenge that was set before they even had a chance to protest.

Dazzling and extravagant. Heart-melting and tear-jerking, delve into the mysterious night circus together with its patrons and exhibitionists and discover the birth of its existence. Prepare to be hypnotized and grab a tight hold of your scarves, lest they be found in the hands of Celia, or perhaps Marco, handed it to you on your way.


I have come to love the story from its first chapter until its last one. I took all the time I could in reading, ever so slowly, but it’s like driving a car with no breaks!


I loved every part of the book! Ending it was a pain like a stake through my heart but I was left with no choice! Not finishing would be worse, I believe. An all-time favourite, The Night Circus is an amazing book, one you shouldn’t let your hand slip past when gliding by the bookstore’s shelves!


Who Wouldn’t Say No To This European-ish Tour With This Trilogy?

Wishing to visit Europe but don’t have the budget? Well here’s the perfect book for you! All you gotta do is sit on the comfiest chair you could find, relax, buckle up, saddle one of your cats, and enjoy your flight through this trilogy that will tour you to some of the amazing European countries we all want to go to!

Anna and the French Kiss

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡

In your first arrival to Paris, you’d meet Anna. As you follow her life steps teetering the streets of “La Ville-Lumière”, you’d see the wonders of this place. Marvel at its romantic atmosphere and drool at the bonds the characters!






Lola and the Boy Next Door


My Rating: ♥♥♥♡♡

Next up, Lola and the Boy Next Door! The book that is showered with glitters and sparkly things, creativity bound in its pages. From Paris, you’ll be sent to San Francisco, where you’ll be meeting Lola Nolan, a girl with an artistic mind. She dresses the way she wants to, which is beyond the normal range of casual outfits, which, by the way, she designs them herself. She’s moved on, too, from her first love, and currently has a boyfriend. It seems to be a life of peace and harmony.

Until they arrived. Until the boy next door came back.




My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

On to the final destination, we go back to Paris with Isla, a petite, shy girl who’s in luuuurveeee with Joshua Wasserstein, a brilliant artist! As a couple, they face a whole bunch of obstacles immeasurable that the love for each other is questioned. So! Which way is the happily ever after? That way, this way, or the Right Way? I hear you pointing at the Right Way. Well, go and take the risk! ( got a free trip to Barcelona along the way!!!)




I LOVE THESE BOOKS! But I love Isla’s story best. I GOT ALL EMOTIONAL ABOUT IT. It’s calm and soothing and me-ish kind of  story. it’s beauuuutiful!

What struck me most was the character personality in each book. Each story contains a unique character that was paired to another unique character, creating the bestest romantic story eveeer! I love how the family background of each were varying and how the ladies tackled their own journeys.

And it’s not just the adventure and the sweet romance of these people are attractive, but also the content of each story. Loneliness. Family issues. Taking risks. These were faced wholeheartedly by Anna, Lola, and Isla. It’s not every day you see these events unfolding before your eyes.


“The Crown” Review (with spoilers!!)

It has been a privilege to be a part of the series (somehow, i feel like it, just standing near these people, watching how their lives would unfold), to be with the royals, from the time of America to Eadlyn’s. The journey was long but it was worth to take!

I was on a book slump when I started reading a book. I have no idea where it came from, it just appeared before me! BUT I certainly did found mt reading spirit, which feels like I’ve been reborn or something like that!

Moving on to the review, in whatsoever ways, I sincerely do not oppose who Eadlyn matched up with because, you know, I SHIP HER WITH ERIIIIKKK!! I love Kile, but I totally ship her with Erik. It’s like a reverse Cinderella story, and I really am interested with that type of stories, no doubt! However, I’d really want to hear more abut Erik’s and Eadlyn’s story!!! (sadly my book does not have the epilogue) I am unsatisfied with how the story ended though. It was… weeeell a little bit of a cliche. It just didn’t feel right! Hence the 4 stars. But i’m fine with it. Just a slight-ish unsatisfactory feel.

Somehow, along the way, I felt like I was crawling in a narrow hole, and it’s just too painful to feel. I don’t know which part of that was, but I felt it somewhere within the pages (I keep a notebook to keep track of my emotions for the book *wink* ). At some point, the book felt so fragile and innocent the moment I hold it whenever I read. It made me feel as if within a few movements of my skin, it’ll shatter into pieces! I once accidentally dropped and it was such a devastating moment that it felt like I just dropped my phone. And that’s a big deal. Like, really, really big deal! It broke my heart so much that I felt like I was going to cry. Literally.

I feared she wouldn’t end up with dearest Eikko, but all went as it was supposed to end~! Love it! One of the few series I have completed, a fantastic book to pass time!