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May 2018 Shelf

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Hey everyone!

Last month, I achieved reading two out of seven books from my planned anthill TBR (Song of Isabel and Starlings) and managed to insert not two, not four either, but FIVE books that I didn’t plan on reading! …Woops again! I actually did the same for March LOL  BUUUUTTT I achieved my monthly reading goal of reading 7 books. YAY!!

Moving on, it’s time to put up an anthill TBR for May so here it shall be! I know that I’m going to stray away from this list but this has become my monthly mantra, why not just dive in?

Monthly Reading Goal: 7 or more books

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March Shelf

A new month has begun and I feel so robbed of time! This month, hopefully, will be a lot less stressful and I’m hoping to read beyond my usual four books a month. Hopefully I could at least reach somewhere five, or six, or seven, or maybe even eight! That is, if I don’t get sooo distracted. But anyway, here are the books that I’m hoping to finish this month:

March Read Goal: 5-8 books

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That’s a whole lot of books to read and I truly hope to finish them all! What books are you planning to read this month? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

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February Shelf

Happy February 1st!

To prepare myself for this month, I’ve decided to put up a list of books that I’m planning to read. So far, I’ve decided to read four books but the number of books I’ll be reading may change, depending on how much time there is available for the month of February, and considering that there will be less two days!

Although these books were supposed to be a part of my January Shelf, I couldn’t squeeze them in my schedule because of several other Real-Life Realms crisis. And so they have landed here into the February Shelf.

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Have you decided on what to read on the month of February yet? If so, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you’re reading (and might as well add them to my reading pile 😀 )!