Books I’ve written

I, too, have a bunch of stories in my mind going in circles. But sometimes, I get too lazy writing them down so the ideas are only open to myself. But doesn’t that seem a bit selfish of me?

So, I’ve though that maybe I should share some of the stories I tried to create in my mind. Titles aren’t well-thought yet, so it’s kind of not-so-catchy. But I do hope that you’d find interest in my stories! I’d be grateful to you for ever! Aah! I so love Old English! They’re so romantic, don’t you think?

Anyways, so far, I’ve only posted one and it’s not updated daily, though I sort of have the idea in my head of how the story would go but it’s not that easy writing them down in sentences so it takes a veeeeeeeeeeery long time for me to finish one chapter. And also, another disadvantage factor is that, I’m in college. And multi-tasking is not something I’m good at, trust me.

So much of a busy schedule, I hope you’d have patience and if you don’t have much, annoy me to post another chapter. Haha! I like to be annoyed 😀

There’s a tab above that drops down if you scroll over your cursor on the “books i’ve written” tab. So just choose one and you’ll see the untitled stories 😀

Thanks for taking your time reading this not-so-awesome statements! I appreciated it a lot! xxx


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