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Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari


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Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, YA
Published on: June 5th 2018 by Penguin Teen
Pages: 288 (Kindle Edition)



**I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Imagine waking up at the bottom of an enclosed space several feet below the earth, in the middle of the night. No light, no idea how that happened, no ladder to get yourself out of there.

Just you. And darkness. And probably an unknown creepy crawly. And some bones of a dead something. HOW DO YOU DO?? I’d panic. I’m a claustrophobic person and it truly TRULY sucks to be in one. Continue reading “Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari”

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Crimson Ash by Haley Sulich


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Genre: Romance, SciFi, Young Adult

Published on: May 10th 2018 by Write Plan

Pages: 382 (Kindle Edition)


**I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Solanine Lucille and Ember Lucille are living in the same world but under different roofs. Escaping the government’s grasp, Solanine lives as a rebel, together with her fiance, Quill, outside the walls of the infamous City of Graven. On the other hand, Ember is a government’s soldier, robbed of her memories, tasked to give the “Choice” and trained to be emotionless.

Now there’s a rebel group of ex-soldiers and Solanine just needs to figure out if her sister is among them. But when an unexpected ambush resulted to the death of Solanine’s fiance, Solanine vows to avenge Quill and bring back her sister from the government’s hand. Little did she know that her fiance died at the hands of Ember.

Continue reading “Crimson Ash by Haley Sulich”

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Night Beast by Ruth Joffre



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Genre: Short Stories, LGBT

Published on: May 8th 2018 by Grove/Atlantic



**I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

Night Beast is a compilation of eleven short stories with a diverse genre that ranges from scifi, and fantasy, to romance and slice of life. Focusing on the lives of queer women and mothers, this book will take you to dark alleys and hidden alcoves of a woman’s thoughts. Continue reading “Night Beast by Ruth Joffre”

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May 2018 Wrap-Up!

We’re halfway through the year and WOW!!! How time flies so fast. If that was how quick the months went by, then you bet December will be right around the corner and it will be my blog’s first bloggoversary! I’m planning on doing something special on that day and I hope you guys would join me in celebrating it.

Now, I may or may (pun intended) not be too late in putting up a wrap-up for the month of May but I’m writing one anyways, for recapping purposes.

Okay. So May was definitely not a month of reading for me. I was able to finish a couple books but that was it. The rest of the month went on in a blur with all the other things I was preoccupied with in my personal life. As of this moment, I’m focusing on getting back on track, getting organized a bit more, journal writing and soul-searching.

Here are the books I was able to get on the month of May:

Physical Books

78433 163816

Kindle Books

2213661 25489134

Monthly Reads

33224718 36739747


And that’s it! I hope y’all have a great day! 🙂

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