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Short Blog Update

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. You might have noticed my absence this past couple of weeks but I can explain. There has been a lot going on and it exhausted me so much! There was a wedding to attend to, a 2-day retreat over at the mountain side, and a sleepover at my cousin’s. All this in 6 consecutive days!! So I had to take a pretty looooong rest after so much travelling.

Now, I’ve somehow accumulated enough energy to blog and hopefully *cross fingers* I could share a post soon.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the 200 follows!! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to reach this far ❤ It is an honour to be a part of the blogging community and meet such amazing people.



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Geekerella by Ashley Poston


★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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Genre: Contemporary, Retelling, Romance, YA

Published on: April 4 2017 by Quirk Books

Pages: 320 (Kindle Edition)

**I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

First of all, I’m a Cinderella-story fanatic. Second of all, I love retellings. So putting them together is BIG for me. Ironically, Geekerella didn’t click well with me, so my feeling is pretty much so-so. I’ve never felt so confused in my life. Everyone (and by this, I mean my bookish friends in and outside social media) is in love with this book. I’m feeling like a villain right now. Hmmmmm. After a debate with myself, I’ve come to share my unpopular opinion.

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If The Shoes Fit by Pauline Lawless

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Genre: Chick Lit, Contemporary, Romance

Published on: January 1st 2010 by Poolbeg Press

Pages: 434 (Kindle Edition)



Who would’ve thought that because of a shoe advertisement, a priceless friendship is born? That’s how four women found each other, each struggling with a dilemma in her stage of life. Having a unique set of personalities, Tessa, Amber, Rosie and Niamh creates a bond that unites them in their newfound career. Continue reading “If The Shoes Fit by Pauline Lawless”

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May 2018 Shelf

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Hey everyone!

Last month, I achieved reading two out of seven books from my planned anthill TBR (Song of Isabel and Starlings) and managed to insert not two, not four either, but FIVE books that I didn’t plan on reading! …Woops again! I actually did the same for March LOL  BUUUUTTT I achieved my monthly reading goal of reading 7 books. YAY!!

Moving on, it’s time to put up an anthill TBR for May so here it shall be! I know that I’m going to stray away from this list but this has become my monthly mantra, why not just dive in?

Monthly Reading Goal: 7 or more books

35614758 36572385 36739747 32718970 36596712 37004141 35390436

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April 2018 Wrap-Up!

Hey guys and gals! It’s that time of the month (and I don’t remember how much I’ve said this phrase recently buuut) it’s been a very VERY veeerrryyy productive month for my bookish life. I think it’s the best month so far, and you’ll know why in a short moment. As for now, here are the books that I’ve hoarded for the month of April!

Physical Books

10441 2998

Kindle Books

25893582 22020592 32487648

This is probably the fewest of books that I’ve hoarded for a month so far but that’s because I’ve been focused on reading. Speaking of which, here are the books that I was able to read this month. And guess what??? I was able to read SEVEN books!!! That’s my best record so far for this year. So with no further ado, here they are:

Monthly Reads
books read this month: 7

35967251 38907084 33797096 37641590 2588384835498890 19332781

My reviews for these books are made available when clicking the book cover’s image. However, please note that it will not be redirected to a new window.

April was the first month of freedom for me, as I had no more school-related responsibilities. And with that, came an opportunity to read a lot! And I’m proud to say that indeed it was a goal accomplished. It had been a relaxing and wonderful month. I’ve a few scheduled responsibilities for the moth of May but this doesn’t stop me from being so excited for this particular month. May is the shortest of all months in terms of number of letters and it makes it extremely adorable. A cheers for May, everyone!

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