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In Between by M.A. Fernandez


★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆


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Genre: Romance

Published on: December 15, 2017

Pages: 242 (Kindle Edition)


**I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

I really want to understand why people in a relationship cheats and this book promised me an explanation of why a person does it. It didn’t deliver the reason to me. Well, maybe it did, but here’s a one word of how I understood it: lust.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Rachel has always wanted one thing, true love. She has dreamed about her perfect wedding since she was little and it seems she will finally get it with her fiancé Ethan. However when Rachel meets Tom, an elegant, smart conceited lawyer, everything she believes and feels is called into question. This is a captivating story about the power of distance, lack of time spent between couples, and confusion that put Rachel In Between the two men. Caught in the web of the consequences of their decisions, life’s twists and turns, and the effects of karma on each of the characters. This book will make you question the reason why we do things, and will push you to side with characters as you live through their choices. In Between emphasizes the importance of bonds, true love and the power of forgiveness, and how these can turn the worst of situations into valuable life lessons of love and hope.

My Review:

From what I saw in this book, lust played a vital role in the world of cheating. The eyes are the most traitorous of all five senses. It throws illusion at you and it gets so easy to judge a person and to be attracted to a person in under five seconds. Add the sugary words into the mix and there you have it. A delicious being, a perfect person. Or so you thought. It’s so easy to be deceived by our senses to the point that we’re basically seeing only the brighter side of the moon.

As much as I want to dabble more on the philosophical aspect of cheating, I can’t neglect that I have to (and feel the need to) express how I feel about this book.

First of all, I want to say that this was easy on the eyes and the settings were well-detailed. I liked how the places where the characters were in, was described, if not thoroughly. Also, the characters were described well, making it easy to visualize. I love details in the books that I read and this book handed it to me wonderfully.

On the other hand, I find the characters extremely frustrating, Rachel being at the top of it all. I wanted to understand why she did what she did, but the more I read, the more irritated I got. She was a selfish, self-absorbed person and if I could enter this book, I wanted to slap her and wake  her up from her delusion that she can be with two people. Girl, no one can have everything, you know!

In this world, the spotlights were basically on the three main characters of this story, namely: Rachel, Ethan and Tom. I feel that the characters needed to be explored more. I want to know them. I want to know the purpose behind their motives. I wanted to enter the characters’ minds. Also, I want to know where were Rachel’s girlfriends? Unless she dislikes socializing, which, I don’t think, is her personality at all.

I did not see the importance of bonds and true love because why cheat if you are truly in love? What is the importance of bonds if you break it? The power of forgiveness in this book is so strong and I can’t argue with that if that’s how it is. But that was too easy for the person who did wrong. And it made me comfortable.

Lastly, I’m a hopeless romantic and I love happy ever afters but for me, the ending felt uncomfortable and I find myself cringing at it. I really want to share but that would be spoiling, so you’ve got to read the book and let me know how you felt!

Overall, this wasn’t a good read and the book isn’t for me. It was discombobulating. It blew my mind in the wrong direction. This book tackles relationships, trust, forgiveness, and love.


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