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[Review]: Eloy’s Discovery by Kara Timmins


Eloy’s Discovery
by: Kara Timmins
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I received an e-copy of this book thorough VoraciousReadersOnly. Thank you!

I literally have no idea where to start off because of how amazing this book is. I was meant to finish it in 2017 but because I’m a slow reader, I found that impossible. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from reading Eloy’s Discovery.

Eloy’s Discovery, by Kara Timmins, is the first book of The Eloy Trilogy and is written in third person. The story revolves around fourteen-year-old Eloy, who lives with his sister, Francena, and their parents in the savanna. The life Eloy knew began to take a different form when a stranger brings him a message about his future, together with a valuable object. When ruthless raiders began to appear and ransack Eloy’s village, his family were forced to move out and find shelter somewhere much safer. But things turned out differently from here.

Stepping on a highly guarded territory, Eloy’s parents bartered their own freedom for their children. For Eloy, he was forced to slavery in the Bowl, a place where countless men and women, young and old, labored through the hands of a man named Tudek. Francena, on the other hand, was sold to an unknown merchant with her future and safety unsure of.

To survive this predicament, Eloy finds himself a companion in the Bowl. Over the years, their friendship grew, and it wasn’t long before they had each other’s back. A time came when the possibility of escape opened, embarking them in a journey of new discoveries, new people and new experiences.

At first glance, I was intimidated by its 72 chapters. To me, that’s a humongous number and I feel like an ant compared to a mountain! But because I found it easy to read and the story was engaging, it didn’t bother me once I delved into it.

Eloy’s Discovery is a book about survival, friendship, love, reunion, and lots and lots of farewell that had me tearing up. It also includes facing the nightmares of the past and moving forward. Eloy has a curious and adventurous spirit deep in him and has a noticeable fondness for his sister. He is also wary of his surroundings and is patient and smart. Francena, on the other hand is made up of fearlessness with a fragile physical attribute that others tend to find her breakable.

Thoroughout the book, I was able to witness the growth and maturity of Eloy from childhood to adulthood. It was fascinating to see how Eloy was able to counter whatever circumstance he is faced with. Despite being slaved, he did not allow this treatment to break him. He fought every day of his life in the Bowl fiercely. He used what is presented in front of him as an advantage into becoming someone better and stronger.

The book’s ability to capture my attention through the furrowing of my brows in concentration is one of the reasons why I love this book. I truly think that this is one way to keep a reader reading. It makes me want more and at moments like this, there is already a series of formulated questions of why’s and how’s, and an occasional, “Oh no! What’s going to happen next??”

I love how easily I could dive back in whenever I have to stop reading (because life gets in the way, and it’s something beyond my control). This is one of those books that imprints itself onto my memory. The story is not easy to forget because of how the author bridged the story to the reader’s emotions and thoughts.

Another reason why I love this book is that it is utterly filled with great quotes that I had to take down almost every one of them. Here’s one:

“But you can’t stop moving forward because of fear of how you might feel down the road. Be glad that you happened upon this place and got to stay, even if it was a short moment in the entirety of your life.”

And here’s another that I found humorous:

“I said we should discuss the bear, not discuss it bare!”

If that didn’t make you laugh, well, that’s because I’m a sucker for jokes and I’d laugh almost at any jokes thrown at me. (But there are cases that the joke is just too illogical that I don’t think it’s funny. You know?)

Reading this book was an amazing experience and I have learned plenty. One of those is that I saw the importance of why there are big celebrations for someone leaving: it is for the sake of being remembered and that these festivities will be a memory that will not be forgotten.

The only downside of this book was that there were several grammar corrections, and misspellings but this did not prevent me from giving it the rating it definitely deserved.

Overall, I found the book extremely satisfying to read, as it made me take a collected breath right after I finished it. Eloy’s Discovery is a short read with 287 pages (according to the Kindle format that I got it in). Readers who are looking for books about adventure and a heart-melting story would not want miss this book. I for, one, am ready for the next book in this series!

“I think we find ways to cross paths with our people, even when we aren’t trying.”


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