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WHUBUT Wednesday #101 + Challenge Sign-Up for Discussion Challenge + Monthly Wrap-Up

WARNING: This blog post will be near endless and may cause you dehydration. Please be with your glass of water at all times while reading this post. Provided below are the reasons why it will be a tad bit of lengthy:

  1. There will be FIVE subtopics: Current Read, WHUBUT Wednesday: A Glimpse into the Real-Life Realm, Challenge Sign-Up for Discussion Challenge, January Book Haul, Monthly Wrap-Up
  2. I talk more with my keyboard.


It’s the end of the month AND it’s a Wednesday ergo a multi-topic blog post it shall be! Today marks the first WHUBUT Wednesday and there’s so much to write about. You may be wondering why. so I’m starting it off with my current read.


                                         CURRENT READ
Martin is an American teen on the autism spectrum living in France with his mom and sister for the summer. He falls for a French girl who he thinks is a real-life incarnation of a character in his favorite book. Over time Martin comes to realize she is a real person and not a character in a novel while at the same time learning that love is not out of his reach just because he is autistic.
Goodreads | Amazon |Barnes & Nobles | Book Depository


Kids Like Us had been in my “Currently Reading” shelf not because it’s not fun to read. In fact, it’s actually easy to follow aaaaand—– this isn’t a review post so I’m saving whatever I’m going to say about what I think of it in a different post. Soon. I promise! I’ve been meaning to finish this book over the weekend BUT there were other real-life things to take care of that my reading time was overtaken by sleep. Pretty much resulting to my inability to join #24in48 Challenge. (But no worries, there’s one in June, if I’m not mistaken!



The past days had been hectic and I’m halfway through the week, (THANK GOODNESS) because this week is loaded with so much quizzes and a few deadlines to catch up on and I don’t know how much more I could go on!

But anyway, this did not (and will not) stop me from doing what I love doing: book blogging and staying connected with the reader & blogger community (but maybe at a limited time gehee).

While being away, I decided to get organized and put things in order, especially now that I request books. Something simple but extremely helpful, I printed out a weekly and monthly organizer and a blog stat organizer to keep track of all things. I have an affinity for seeing things at a bird’s eye view and thankfully, this is achievable with these  organizers. Printables are available online but I opted for a black and white theme (which is simply a bunch of lines and some huge tables).



I was introduced to this Discussion Challenge by Evelina of Avalinah’s Books and now here I am, prepping up myself for this challenge!

Discussion Challenge 2018 is a challenge hosted by Nicole of Feed Your Addiction Fiction and Shannon of It Starts at Midnight that lets you talk anything book-related or perhaps, if you’d like, something about your personal life that you’d like to share to the reader & blogger community.

Discussion Challenge Levels:

1-10 – Discussion Dabbler
11-20 – Creative Conversationalist
21-30 – Chatty Kathy
31-40 – Terrifically Talkative
41+ – Gift of the Gab

I’m choosing Terribly Talkative. I may or may not exceed and move on to Gift of the Gab, as there are 52 weeks in a year and I post one every Wednesdays.

I’ve decided to incorporate the discussion challenge with WHUBUT Wednesday wherein every WHUBUT Wednesday post will also represent a Discussion Challenge blog post. If it were a formula, it would be something like this:

WHUBUT Wednesday = Discussion Challenge

Oh, and before we leave this section, I’m inviting everyone in joining the challenge and share discussions with other readers and bloggers!



I’m ecstatic that we have reached this part of the post because this is my first book haul post eveeer! Not ever in my history of blogging had I done this so here are the books that I harvested for the month of January.

Physical Books

   1042542   2318271   60749      9480425  22510983    18635039  612940    1505817  975364

Amazon Kindle Ebooks

7514925   28372019



I’m so much a turtle reader that the most I can read for a month are four books. Every time I read, I feel the need to completely extract all emotions from every line of every page. You feel me?? …Or is it just me?

Anyhow, here are the books that I was able to read for the month of January. I’m one book short from my average number of books per month. I was washed away in the Real-Life Realms but I’m hoping to get back on track soon. Click the images to be directed on my written review on the corresponding book.

36043724     22103884     37121254


And that is all, folks! How did your first month go? I’d love to hear how yours went. Until then! 🙂


NOTE: There will be no posts between February 5 – 9 as I will be having my exams. Blog posting will resume on the following week.

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WHUBUT Wednesday

Hi everyone! How are you doing?? If you’re asking me, I will be telling you about that in a few minutes. But first, let me share to you the theme I am introducing to my blog. It’s called WHUBUT Wednesday.

What does WHUBUT mean?

  • It’s an abbreviated term for “What have you been up to?” When I had my Eureka moment for this abbreviation, I thought I was a genius because I haven’t heard of it before! So with all my proud self, I walked up to Google and searched “WHUBUT“. In a split second, I was like a balloon whose air was stolen because lo and behold IT. WAS. THERE. Maybe I could be a genius in another dimension then? HEHEHEHE.

So what is WHUBUT Wednesday?

  • WHUBUT Wenesday is basically a theme post that will contain thoughts and updates on how you have been doing so far in the week. It’s a blog post that will keep your book blogging friends updated if you’re still alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic! You can post anything, whatever you want. That’s what’s great about WHUBUT Wednesday.

Why are you hosting a WHUBUT Wednesday?

  • Well, because I’m a turtle reader plus I’m loaded with so much real life to-do list, it takes me a week or two to finish a book and a couple of days to write a review and by then, it would feel like my blog is a deserted land! And my inner self cringe just thinking about not blogging while my fingers itch to type and type and type a blog post even though I have no topic to write about. Imagine what my blog post’s content would be. I can clearly see it as this:
    • sdfghjklujhmbfvopefrewjifndvk ksjghvhsdiova efh sfuskadv kjdshuvh zc g r dth trs rnsyjryjryj es jry  nrhyjr i7 utbg r3t 6ui 8ok jngfd 609876543 21rtyhn s  bv se ryu  jb vcserty unbvc drtyujn bdrtyuikfdtyukmn bvc.

It definitely wouldn’t look attractive. But thanks to WHUBUT Wednesday, I’d be able to do that! I actually plan on droppings facts and fiction bombs for each post, so make sure you’re attentive enough to see the the truth between the lies. Having a high affinity for anonymity, I will be doing that.  😉 (And I do hope I don’t fool myself with my own fact and fiction game!)


WHUBUT Wednesday‘s first post will be next week and I am looking forward to gush about things I’ve been up to and share it with you guys and gals. I can’t wait!

What do you think of WHUBUT Wendesday? Let me know in the comments below. Until then! 🙂

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The Wind That Shakes the Corn by Kaye Park Hinckley

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

Get it on Amazon!

Genre: Historical Fiction
Published on: January 8, 2018 by Prytania Publishing

Pages: 488 (Kindle Edition)



*Thanks to Prytania Publishing for providing me an Advance Reader’s Copy via Netgalley. This does not affect my review.*

The Wind that Shakes the Corn is a mixture of fiction and some factual events that happened in the life of the author’s eighth great-grandmother beginning from the 18th century to early 19th century. This book is a story of love, extreme hatred, and vengeance that was passed on from one generation to the next.

Written in first person, Nell Dugan experienced living a life of constant violence from childhood to old age. Nell witnessed the death of her mother right in front of her eyes, by the hands of the Englishmen. She heard her mother’s scream of retribution to those men, which ignited the fire of hatred inside Nell’s heart. Continue reading “The Wind That Shakes the Corn by Kaye Park Hinckley”

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2018 Reading Challenge

We’re 12 days in in the month of January and it might seem a little late to share this but better late than never, right?

So I’ve decided to add a bit of inspiration in my reading life this year by making a reading list that would totally help me up when choosing a book, especially when the question, “what should I read next??” arises.

Since this will be the first time I’m actually doing a reading challenge, I’m going to go ahead and settle with ten things to read. If anyone’s interested in joining, please do so! This list will be displayed on the right sidebar of my blog so that it will be easier to access and can be seen anytime, anywhere, in my blog. Without further ado, I gladly present to you, my 2018 Reading Challenge:

1. Read a book about a retelling.
2. Read a non-fiction book.
3. Read a mystery book.
4. Read a book about mental health.
5. Read a book about poetry.
6. Read a book that is set in Asia.
7. Read a book about family.
8. Read a book that is set in the year before 2000s.
9. Read a classic book.
10. Read a book that has social issue/s.

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Falling into Place by Amy Zhang


Falling into Place
by: Amy Zhang
Genre: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Published Date: September 9 2014 by Greenwillow Books

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang is a book worth reading. Written in first person, it is a story that narrates the life of Liz Emerson before and after her planned tragic car accident. Liz Emerson is the most popular girl in the town of Meridian. Just like a typical popular girl, she destroys the reputation of those who she thinks are better than her. But that’s not the whole of it, is it?

This book speaks a list of things: bullying, cause and effect, the third law of motion: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, regrets. Continue reading “Falling into Place by Amy Zhang”

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[Review]: Eloy’s Discovery by Kara Timmins


Eloy’s Discovery
by: Kara Timmins
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I received an e-copy of this book thorough VoraciousReadersOnly. Thank you!

I literally have no idea where to start off because of how amazing this book is. I was meant to finish it in 2017 but because I’m a slow reader, I found that impossible. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from reading Eloy’s Discovery.

Eloy’s Discovery, by Kara Timmins, is the first book of The Eloy Trilogy and is written in third person. The story revolves around fourteen-year-old Eloy, who lives with his sister, Francena, and their parents in the savanna. The life Eloy knew began to take a different form when a stranger brings him a message about his future, together with a valuable object. When ruthless raiders began to appear and ransack Eloy’s village, his family were forced to move out and find shelter somewhere much safer. But things turned out differently from here.

Stepping on a highly guarded territory, Eloy’s parents bartered their own freedom for their children. For Eloy, he was forced to slavery in the Bowl, a place where countless men and women, young and old, labored through the hands of a man named Tudek. Francena, on the other hand, was sold to an unknown merchant with her future and safety unsure of.

To survive this predicament, Eloy finds himself a companion in the Bowl. Over the years, their friendship grew, and it wasn’t long before they had each other’s back. A time came when the possibility of escape opened, embarking them in a journey of new discoveries, new people and new experiences. Continue reading “[Review]: Eloy’s Discovery by Kara Timmins”