An Essay on “The Kite of Stars” By Dean Francis Alfar

Our perception of love is defined in many manners as different people experience it in multiple direction. Everyone manifests this emotion towards something, either from a living or from inanimate objects. Love is expressed in varying heights that it can also be shown involuntarily either through words or actions. It is a universal language that anyone can speak, that does not necessarily require words. Some may say they are heartless, but in reality, they are either convincing themselves that they are or presumably in denial. Love is non-living yet it lives within us. It is a spark of truth that brings delight to some, but pain to others. It is the quietest among all emotions but when noticed, explodes into incalculable fireworks. It can be like the birth of the star, bringing its magnificence with it, or a black hole that will pull you from its core. It is of many things at one instance.

A life lived for love is never wasted. It is the individual’s decision on how to perceive this unpredictable emotion. It takes merely a second to fall in love, as was the case of Maria Isabella, who fell in love at first sight with Lorenzo du Vicenzio, who happened to walk by past her and whose life was saved because of the young lady’s actions. Now, that is love expressed in action. She fell so deeply that she pursued to know his identity. Surely, if you love someone, you would do what you could to earn his or her attention. That you may be regarded. And then you wonder, would he like me, or would he not? These choices have always been paired ever since. It is like a road split into two. One, so deadly and depressing, the other being magical and scintillated. One to break your heart, the other, not so. But for Maria Isabella, to bother with such a question had not passed by her thoughts. Instead, she was determined to build something to grab Lorenzo’s attention. To amaze the person she fell in love with. How? Well, Lorenzo was very much interested in stars and nothing else but those glittering white lights at an immeasurable distance beyond the sky. It was his passion to look at the celestial bodies and Maria Isabella wanted to be a part of that. So she travelled together with a friend who helped her in discovering the identity of this particular person to whom she fell in love with: the butcher’s son. You see, one thing could lead to another all because of love. From watching at a certain distance to putting all efforts, including the spending of a lifetime for a simple thing: recognition. What is it with love that it drives us out of our sanity? The answer lies within each one of us, a different one for each person. And so it was with Maria Isabella. In this journey with the company of the butcher’s son, devotion for that said love of Maria Isabella was depicted. With the assistance of the butcher’s boy, they entered territories that were new to them. Mythical places to challenging mythical creatures. Together, they were able to survive all throughout the sixty years they ventured together in the wild world. They became rich, through learned skills. They faced miseries that brought tragic days for them, yet they had managed to bring themselves back up to the surface. Together, they achieved great things. But alas, the journey was to end as all materials were prepared and put together to make a huge kite to which Maria Isabella will be flying on. When she finally did fly, she felt the delight of being able to fly, of what being up in the sky feels. And she enjoyed it as she drew closer to the skies where the stars remained. She searched for the possibility of the whereabouts of Lorenzo’s presence: a tower. Higher and higher into the sky, her attention was drawn to the new heights. But didn’t we forget someone? The butcher’s boy! Where was he? He was there, watching the gigantic kite zooming out of his vantage point. Away from his reach. Away from Maria Isabella, the girl who had become an old woman. The lady he had always loved. What makes the situation depressing is that, Maria Isabella had never asked his name all those years of being together. She never knew his name. it was another unidirectional love. Unreturned. Unreciprocated. Unrequited. Both characters experienced love, but on different measures. She was filled with bright lights. He was filled with broken shards of glass.

This is what love really is. It does not always go on a reversible direction. But often times, it may. To love is never a waste of time, fulfilled or unfulfilled. It is an endless paradox that will go on. Love does not ever end. It is forever. It is bitter yet sweet. It is many things made of four letters with an impact greater than the bursting of the hottest stars in the universe.


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