Late Night Thoughts: I don’t know but…

I aspire to be a fairy tale writer. But that seems to be a job less suited for a person like me whose vocabulary is filled with words that are clearly too simple for a story so great to be told around the globe!

Truly it is for those who write so well with flowering words that blooms beautifully from their fingers down to papers and pads until something marvelous takes form and turn into a magnificent, full-of-emotions story.

I am fond of papers and crafts but whenever I touch one, why does it feel like I’ve ruined it before something forms out of it? Certainly, I don’t have King Midas’ genes, don’t I?They seem to shrink away from my grasp as if I would turn them into something horrible and disgusting. Hm. This is nostalgic.

Being another fellow human being, I find it difficult to swim. Of course, I wasn’t born a fish so definitely it’s a total defeat. But then, I love the water so much that I just have to go swimming even if I have to stand on my tiptoes or hold on to the railings! Quite an ironic character I have, don’t I? Until it was time for me to do something about it because I got sick of not being able to swim anywhere!

So I watched how other swimmers do it. I watched and learned.

At this moment, you might be thinking that I learned how to swim because of the skills I copied. Yes, but certainly, that isn’t all. It wasn’t the skills that made me swim well. It was trust. I trusted the water itself the  way I would trust a hanging bridge.

That is the trick to everything in this world. Trust. A five-letter word with a great meaning that can be expressed through a long bond paper.

And so it is with writing, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, and all sorts of “verb-word” hobbies. As for me, and maybe you, trusting the paper and the pencil is a way to be able to write! Let me give you a head start on how a story I am about to write will go:

Once upon a book…



I’m sorry, I have nothing to do at this late hour. I know I must be sleeping, but I got this tingly feeling on my right leg so I had difficulty with sleeping which led me to write another nonsense of a post! I just miss the blog so much that I have to write a letter to it. Off I go!


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