Six of Crows. That makes ’em a murder

Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If ever you have seen a copy of this, grab it. Sit somewhere comfortable. Read. Trust me, you won’t regret…but the question is, am I worth your trust?

DID YOU JUST SEE THAT? The influence of this book is limitless. It’s mysterious. Bone-thrilling and exciting.

I have just finished reading this masterpiece and I’m already craving for the book 2! All these misadventures of Kaz Brekker, a.k.a Kaz Rietveld. Yes, that’s his real name. Woops. A bit of a spoiler there. I apologize, but spoiling is fun when it’s done to others. Ha!

It has been a pleasure to read a book that is on par with Cruel Beauty by Rosamond Hodge. I can’t even choose between the two books! Makes me drool all over. But of course, I won’t do that. Both are dark as black. And black is always beautiful.

The title is intriguing, though. I’m wondering, does it refer to the six protagonist of the story? If so, why is the word ‘crow’ used? Why is it six of crows, and not six of ravens?

I loved how gore-ish the book had gotten. For me, it has always been better to imagine the gore-ish side of the story than to see it. My eyes couldn’t see the events of how bloody Six of Crows is, but my mind is absolutely creating the exact setting what the book is trying to imply. Which is utterly awesome!

I’m in loss of words, due to its creativity and wittiness. If I had the luxury of time, I wouldn’t hesitate on rereading this book. This is why there’s no clearance as to what my rank 1 book is. Year after year, more books are created just how this book has been written!

Though I couldn’t write of what I really felt, I know y’all will know the feeling when it’s your turn.

Because  I was very much fascinated and I just needed more dose of jurda parem (in my case, jurda parem is the whole book. Ugh. So addicting!), I took this mini quiz from a website and if you click here, it’ll direct you there.

This was my result, according to the first mini quiz I took:



Fabulous right? Here’s the second quiz I took:


I don’t know about Grisha powers yet, but I can’t wait to read the Grisha Trilogy!


As to end this blog post, I leave thee with a marvelous quote:

“This isn’t a job for trained soldiers and spies. Its a job for thugs and thieves.”

And a gore-ish one:

“He made a neat slash across Oomen’s eye – from brow to cheekbone – and before Oomen could draw breath to cry out, he made a second cut in the opposite direction, a nearly perfect x. Now Oomen was screaming.
Kaz wiped the knife clean, returned it to his sleeve, and drove his gloved fingers into Oomen’s eye socket. He shrieked and twitched as Kaz yanked out his eyeball, its base trailing a bloody root. Blood gushed over his face.”

And lastly, my favourite one:

“Anything else, Brekker? The Lantsov Emerald? A dragon who craps rainbows?”

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