We all have insecurities. Towards ourselves, others, and towards our feelings to the people around us. We have doubts about people. Yes, we have eyes to see through physical shadows, but not to the shadows of the heart. This is where the uneasiness begins.


One minute, you feel like you’re being needed, you feel like there’s something in your existence that they like, and that they would spend part of their life to you. The next, you felt like you were tossed in that black list of theirs, not knowing where you stand because you were left there hanging.


It’s painful. And that isn’t just a bad thing, you know.


Because of rejection, you find solitude within you. The need to be with yourself more than with others. You know for a fact that one of the people who wouldn’t hurt you is yourself. Yes, it goes unnoticed most of the times, but it is what it is.


There is beauty in solitude when you don’t look at it with your eyes. Feel it with your heart. Feel the presence of being in peace. No disturbing current. Just you and thin air.


There are many ways to finding solitude:

staring at the stars in the night sky

reading a book, something with a genre out of your normal book choices

feeling the breeze that passes by your cheeks on your balcony or at the beach


writing something. Maybe not a story, but something



and the list could go on.


But after spending time with solitude, you find inner peace. Unshaken because a realization had struck. A standing ground, you notice. Not feeling the loneliness you had once felt when you’re alone. But peace in the middle of it all.


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