Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares Review

6be21e4b08a6a2f86f1235298c1e6355Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares
by Rachel Cohn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why does it feel like every time I finish a book, I feel this weird feeling that is waay too hard to describe and it hurts like heck?!

Isn’t this thing called…THE AFTERMATH OF READING A BOOK!?

Thanks to this book, I found a new way to be directed in the exact word i need to go to (cuz you know, only the computer allows the ctrl + F thing. can’t do it manually. Awful). The “page/line/word” way. I never thought of this. Well, maybe I wasn’t paying attention to my elementary teachers when I was young and that I missed out that particular detail in making life as a book nerd easier? Pretty much like that.

There are just a lot of things in this book! I can’t enumerate each good thing that had been a part of this book, so if you wanna know what these good things are, READ. IT. NOW.

This guy named Dash is a really cool guy. Really, really cool guy! A book nerd’s ideal guy. *SCREAM INTERNALLY* You see, he loves the OED. The Oxford English Dictionary. He reads a random word before he sleeps. It’s like a story book. And he probably loves poetry too! Dash is just toooo dreamy for a book nerd! *melts* Did I mention he’s a smarty pants? I’m falling in love with him waay overboard.

Lily, on the other hand, started this adventure of writing on a notebook(though it was her brother’s idea), and passing it to Dash through a whole bunch of her relatives who work in different parts of the town. I love how she has this big family. It’s nice to have a big family!

And the best part of all is the moment when they met. EPIC! I could picture out the event quite a bit well, but i dare not to put it in words. We all know that that’s a difficult task, don’t we?

I suppose this is the best nerdy book I’ve ever read! It’s cute. And cute. And adorable!

Btw, if you’ve read this book, remember that question and answer moment at chapter 11 at Great-aunt Ida’s house? Dash’s answer are too intelligible I can’t catch up to it. LOL!
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