Fairy Tale Digs #001 – Cinderella

While i was away from home, i had sudden curiosity had entered my thoughts. And a friend had triggered the idea! I was asked by my friend, which Disney princess are you drawn to?
So I said, “Cinderella.”

And our conversation went on and on, until we reached the topic of the whatabouts(because i can create words lol) of the original stories of these fairy tales!

And that’s when it hit me. What are the real stories behind these household tales?

So far, I’ve only read the Cinderella Story, Grimm Brothers version, and it is gruesome! Gross and awesome!

If you have watched “Into The Woods” that would be fantastic! The story of Cinderella in the stated film is close to the original story of the fairy tale. Yes, including the cutting of the toe and the heel of Cinderella’s stepsisters.

The story of Cinderella had not really started there, though. According to my mini research, it seemed to have started from Greece! Well, it was first recorded by Strabo, a Greek historian in the first century BC. And her name isn’t Cinderella, but Rhodopis! Pretty huh? I knoooow.

The origin of the story is by far, still unknown maybe due to the different interpretations through verbal communication that had moved from one person to the next, with a slightly changed story, until finally, it gets revised with different plots. And the story still gets revised and revised and revised! Never ending revising. Add me as one of those people who are revising the old tale. ­čśë

Have things ever crossed your mind about the what ifs for this story? Here’s a list of some possible what ifs:

What if┬áCinderella’s dress isn’t blue in color? What about the other colors of the rainbow?

What if she rode in a cucumber instead? Wouldn’t that be more convenient? A pumpkin may be a carriage, but a cucumber can be a limousine!

What if she fell in love with one of the guards instead of the prince, due to some twist of the story wherein the guard she accidentally bumped to, is the captain guard who sheltered her from the prince(a cruel one, let’s say) and that they fell in love with each other! Awwwww sweet!┬áRemember, Cinderella didn’t go to the ball to dance with the prince but for a simple night off in a pretty dress (Kiera Cass quotes).

Seee? There are a lot of possibilities as to the first Cinderella story ever.

[Photo Source: http://fuckyeahdisneyfanart.tumblr.com/%5D


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