Late Night Thoughts

Because it’s midnight… and everything comes out from the mind, I have finally decided to at least write something. Yes, I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks now and that’s basically bad for my blog here, that had become a bit… isolated. Or lonely.

So… reading. What’s it like to you? To me? To everybody else?

Reading is not just for some sort of fancy escape out of reality. Sure, it’s the most common reason, but really, that’s not all at all! Reading is like…


…opening doors of a new place, meeting new people, even though they are non-existent. They are still… something! Characters are not just mere characters. They are alive, like humans. However, the difference is that, they don’t breath oxygen. For me, they breath the reader’s emotions, both negative and positive. It’s like they are people, but they are not. Their survival are the feelings that we shed on every page.

To me, they are enclosed in cages called papers, separated in pieces called words, but then again joined together in what we call a sentence. Then they keep on growing into paragraphs, turning into so-called pages, stacking each other in thick layers, then neatly forming into a one single material, called a book!

When you open the “book”, you can see the characters waiting as words, to be released only when read, and lives only by the emotions of a reader. That’s what it is. That’s how they live.

So it’s all up to humans to pick up a book and start reading it to save characters. No, not characters. They are the magnificent dancing fairies, disguising themselves as characters in a book.

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