Crafty #1: Hair Bow

I’m not much of a tinker, like little Miss Tinkerbell, but here I am, somehow, trying to put my energy to work. My boredom has resulted to something, I’m surprised. Usually, when I’m bored, I often roll on my bed, trying to get rid of my boredom. Then I’d end up opening my social network accounts and start scrolling. And voila! Boredom’s gone! Haha.

Anyways, due to lack of any ideas for my next post, I decided to make a ribbon! A hair ribbon. I don’t exactly know what it’s called, but I call it hair ribbon, or hair bow. I’m a fan on hair accessories! Love, love ’em so much! The one which I made is very simple. I got it from this video below.

And mine went like this:

11896300_1461908804135199_6991415302872997623_o (1)

It’s a bit messy, but oh well. It’s still my first try and I’m still learning crafts. My next project is a dress! Yippieee! Fortunately, I took a dressmaking class in high school, so I learned a bit of sewing stuffs. But of course, I’m not a sewing expert so I’m thinking it won’t look as good as this picture below is supposed to be:


But we’ll see about that. It’s too soon to judge after all, right? 😉 Might take a while to finish this though. Ahh, a 1920s dress. A classical one! Hopefully it’ll be a nice accomplishment. 😀


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