Digging For the Third Time, with the nth item


It’s quite fortunate of me to find this! It was a simple coincidence, actually. The story goes this way…

My friends and I were going back to the campus when we dropped by a small boutique. It was all pink and white all over the place. Pretty much suited for a girl’s bedroom. It was totally cute inside! Wish I had taken a photo. Too bad I forgot.

I was strolling around, just like what my friends were doing. Gorgeous clothes, head accessories, some jewelries, mini notebooks, bags, stilettos, bikinis and all these cute things were in there! Cute things that aren’t regularly seen in any shops.

I went through the shelf where notebooks and stationeries were displayed. What a sight it was! I’m a fan of stationeries, so my eyes twinkled at each of the item in that shelf. Then I noticed this thing! This book end!

At first, I was hesitant on whether to buy or not. The hesitant part makes me a bad book nerd, I know. Feels like I’m betraying something. Eeep!

But what really kept me on buying the item, was that, it was the last stock! And of course, I couldn’t afford to lose it! To lose it would be one of my greatest regret as a book nerd, maybe.

Another thing, was that, my friends were about to leave, and our next class was about to start! So I had to make a decision reaaal quick. I opened my purse. By the way, I had to lay away the item due to the fact that I was out of money. Well, nearly. Glad that it was reserved though. For me. And only me. Kyaaah!

After a week, I finally have the right amount of cash to buy the item (I’m in a relationship with food. Couldn’t resist it, so took me quite a while to get it).

I was all smiles that day! I was like, “Oh wow! I can finally take this home! It’s miiiiine!!!!”

I had to resist the urge of saying it out loud, otherwise I’d be embarrassing myself.

When I got home that day, which was like, last friday, I displayed it on my bookshelf. I was like, “mom, take a look at this”, “sis, look what I got!” and “hey, cuz! Check this ouuuut!” I was overjoyed! I couldn’t contain my happiness to the point that I just have to tell every person I see. And I bet I’m not the only one, right? 😉


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