Treasure Digs

I had a wonderful day today with a family member and she bought me some stationery! Ooooh, how I love stationeries! And because I’m a bit head over heels about it, I’m sharing them with you!

11748705_910876732287931_1234124973_nThese bunch of clips are not just simple clips. They are cloth clips! Or is it called cloth hangers? I’m not so sure.I forgot! Each clip has a short quote in it. Even at its simplicity, each sentence has a deep meaning to it. Especially to music lovers.

Below, are the sentences rewritten to be read easily, from the topmost to the bottom:

“Sounds good to me.”

“Musicians are noteworthy.”

“Life is one grand sweet song, so start the music.”

The last clip has the same words written on the second clip so I think there’s no need to rewrite that one.

11759369_910876772287927_393735363_nHere’s my favourite one of all the four! I’m a bit biased here since I love headdresses but I don’t wear one daily because I wouldn’t want to be the center of attraction all of a sudden, where everyone say, “oh look at that! What a big headdress she has!”

No, it’s not an insult or a compliment, but I really don’t like standing out, so instead, I wear them at important occasions. I know, I know. It seems like such a waste of buying it and just keeping it there in my collection kit, but that’s how I like it, thank you.

11739562_910874288954842_214453341_n (1)The third one, is a zebra-with-a-long-neck pen and it’s hilarious but cute at the same time! I like how it can stand up on it’s own. It’s like a pen holder. I think it is, actually. The pen is located at the zebra’s head. You take off the head-cap and voila! There’s your ballpoint pen, ready for writing anonymously via black ink.

I had a hard time choosing a styled pen, actually, and I have two requirements in that matter:

1. It has to have a black ink.

2. It must look fashionable or cute enough for my eyes.

And this pen just had it all! Such fabulous thing it is.

Lastly, I have picked out mini shaped-paperclips. There are three shapes, namely the cat-shaped, the reindeer-shaped and the airplane-shaped. They’re so tiny, I just had to pick them up from the shelves at the department store and buy it! Too bad though, I don’t have solo photos of them. But it’s alright, they’re in the feature image above this post, so take a look at those cutie patoties 😀

So far, I now have five treasures: Cloth pins. Paperclips. Long-necked zebra pen. Leafy headdress. And a pair of bookends. What do you think about my collection? Can’t wait for the next treasures! 😀


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