Book Hangover

Sorry to say this, but… I still can’t get over you, The Heir </3

The reason for this, is that, I happen to pass acros
s this picture in the laptop and it sort of gave me a bit of a nostalgia. And my heartbeat quickens, but it then becomes broken. Why? Because the next book will be released on October!!! (I think?) Anyways, since I forgot which page this was in, I had to look it up again. I started with a random page which is at 189, then I went to page 157, then finally to page 167, which is just ten pages ahead! Below is the photo that I took which is barely readable ‘cuz it’s full of filters and I love filtering a photo a lot. So please, bare with it. 😀

The Heir, Kiera Cass [p. 167]
The Heir, Kiera Cass [p. 167]
What I like about this part of the page in the book are these sentences:

“Not the whole day. Just until we go inside, and then I can take it.”

Kile shook his head. “You’re really unbelievable.”

“Hush. Go enjoy the party. But first, wait, we have to take off this tie.”

He looked down as I started tugging. “What’s wrong with my tie?”

“Everything,” I said. “Everything in the universe is wrong with this tie. I bet we can find world peace if we burned it.”

I got it unknotted and wrapped it up in my hand.

“That’s so much better.” I placed the wadded fabric in his palm, grabbed the tiara from his other hand, and placed it on his head. “That really works with your hair.”


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