All that’s left…

The past is a fun place to visit.


But living in the past doesn’t improve the present, and most likely will affect the future negatively. Yes, it is tempting. Trying to reminisce over  and over about those beautiful memories you had, but can’t quite bring them back can hurt more than before.


You see, life is a spectacular thing. Something rare. Something unique. A once in a lifetime gift. You live once. You can do whatever with it. Its yours to keep. BUT there’s no taking back to what you will do with it. Accept the consequences. Enjoy them. Be creative enough that you won’t forget it and more importantly, regret it.


Life is a mystery. You would never know the future. You try to plan out things but “nothing ever happens like you imagine it will… But then again, if you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all”! This quote is from Paper Towns,  a book written by JOHN GREEN, a really cool author. (you gotta read the book!)


Moving on, you don’t have to cry over and over again because of what had happened in the past. Accept it. Forgive yourself. Learn to live. Live to love. And love to learn.


Wake up and feel the present. That’s all that’s left. Face your fears. Walk that endless road. Don’t look back. But if you attempted to, laugh at it like you’ve never laughed before.


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